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National Delivery Partner (NDP)

National Delivery Partner refers to important channels/platforms who assist China NAO in the prospecting and supporting of our delivery partners.

Our National Delivery Partners contributes from a strategic point of view, which enable us to further enhance our Reach, Access and Impact. Contact operations@intawardchina.cn for more information regarding how to become our National Delivery Partner. The Award in China is proud to have following National Delivery Partners.

在2020年8月WWEC教育者大会上爱丁堡公爵国际奖与君学达成战略合作,并成为爱奖首家爱奖中国国家级执行伙伴 (NDP), 这次的战略合作, 促成了君学子公司见学国际成为首家爱奖中国国家级执行伙伴.

In August 2020, the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and Junhsue signed strategic agreement. Junhsue's subcompany Worldopener International became the first Award in China National Delivery Partner (NDP)

Updated: 2021.05