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From alumni, to volunteers, or Award Leaders - we’re asking you to add your Award story or memory. Share how the Award has impacted your life, the friends you made, the challenge you undertook, the skills you learnt, or the Leader that inspired you. Every story helps us build a picture of the difference the Award has made to so many people and is a tribute to the legacy of Prince Philip.

从获奖者,到志愿者- 添加您的爱奖故事或记忆。分享这个奖项是如何影响你的生活的,你交的朋友,你接受的挑战,你学到的技能,或者激励你的领导者。每一个故事都有助于我们了解这个奖项给这么多人带来的不同,也是对菲利普亲王传奇的致敬。

Please click here "Add Memory" or scan the QR code to upload you memories, messages or photos which related to the Award.


“WORLD READY” shirt and pin in return to the contributors at the article

添加爱奖故事后,你有机会获得”World Ready” T, 襟章或有关纪念品.

Updated: 2021.04