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Regarding Award Volunteers

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, equipping young people for life and work.

Volunteers can be an invaluable asset that offer China NAO extra support such as researching, administration, organizing event sand much more.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to enhance their knowledge and understanding of this area of work.

Volunteers with in the Award

Within the Award there are a broad range of volunteers: teachers who volunteer after school to provide the Award to their pupils; parents who support their children to take part in the Award. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award’s volunteers could be: Award Leader, Adventurous Journey Supervisor, Adventurous Journey Assessor, Operating Authority Manager, Coordinator, Assessor, Award Trainer. Till now, there are totally 672 adults registered in Award Community as volunteers to support the youth, if you are interested in being part of the Award, please contact us any time. If you’d like to support your organization to get the Award License and deliver the Award to help the youth, feel free to contact operations@intawardchina.cn

Ways for volunteers to support the Awards

1. Apply to be an Award trainer

Volunteers can have the opportunity to develop their skills of being an Award trainer and become a member of the Training Committee of China NAO.

China NAO provides free T4T trainings for selected volunteers. After obtaining the qualification, the trainer will become a member of the Training Committee of China NAO and facilitate in the level 2 training arranged in different parts of the country together with experienced trainers.

Please check the training calendar

2. Become Award Coordinator, Award Leader and other volunteers

Help the organization with intention to apply for the Award Centre (Award Centre, Open Award Centre) or Recognized Activity Provider. Take Award management role in the organization, be responsible for delivering the Award, expand the influence and support more young people to participate and develop themselves.

China NAO will invite Award coordinators, Award leaders, etc. to participate in the Award management seminar and level 3 Award management project training for further career development.

Click here to know more about Open Award Centre (OAC) application

Click here to know more about Award Centre (AC) application

3. Apply for membership of Adventures Journey Committee

Experienced AJ supervisors and accessors can apply to become a member of AJ Committee, participate in activities and meetings, and make suggestions for outdoor education under the Award system.

4. Apply for being volunteers or supporters in the Awards activities or trainings for China NAO.

Pay attention to the national office training and activity calendar and apply to be an activity volunteer. Please refer to the website and email information for the activity. The national office will announce the activities and registration in advance. After the volunteer activities, we will share the feedback report together, and the national office will issue certificates of honor and medals to confirm the contribution of volunteers.

For further information, please contactoperations@intawardchina.cn

Updated: 2020.03