When Selina met the prince - A Global Celebration 2021- 全球爱奖庆典精华



The Award family all over the world. It was being hosted by UK TV Presenter Rhys Stephenson who was joined by Prince Edward and provided the opportunity to mark the life and legacy of The Duke of Edinburgh and celebrate the infinite potential of young people.

Selina Chen from China had a chance to be joined by 10 Award participants from all over the world, for A Global Celebration event

世界各地爱奖大家庭成员于6月10日在互联网上聚守一堂, 一起庆祝大家在爱奖的成长与收获。这次活动由英国电视节目主持人里斯·斯蒂芬森主持,爱德华王子也参加了这次活动。

来自中国Selina Chen有机会与来自世界各地的9位获奖者一起参加这次全球爱奖庆典。



Put Prince into hot seat

During the show, 10 participants got to ask some burning questions to Prince Edward who is Gold Award holder and the Chairman of Trustees of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. Watch them talk Adventurous Journeys, survival skills and more!

在节目中,10名参加者向爱德华王子提出了一些尖锐的问题,爱德华王子是爱奖金奖获得者,也是爱丁堡公爵国际奖的理事长。过程中, 他们分享爱奖回忆和经历!


Quiz Time

Special quiz about the Award. Play along yourself, test how much you know! 

关于爱奖知识问答题,一起参与, 看看你能答对多少!



Award experience in the World

Award participants from Aotearoa New Zealand and Kenya shared some of the fantastic initiatives being delivered through the Award in their country.



Award experience in China

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all but today's young people are 

resourceful, creative and motivated. 

Where there have been challenges, they have risen to meet these, the Award holders in China, Charles and Selina have led by example. 

疫情期间, 爱奖参加者面对新常态的挑战,我们看看在中国Charles 与  Selina仍努力不懈,向目标进发.


Thank you note

Our Award family joined together for A Global Celebration to mark Duke of Edinburgh’s legacy in the Award lives on, as it continues to change the lives of young people all over the world, helping them to discover their infinite potential.

As an Award family, we wanted to say thank you. Watch, as we give a very special ‘note’ of thanks.

为了对爱丁堡公爵国际奖创始人菲利普亲王表示敬意, 全球的爱奖家庭成员对爱丁堡公爵说一声谢谢