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The governance structure of the Award is based on a social franchise model using a multi-tier set of licenses. As an international organization, The International Award Foundation, governed by its Trustees has the overall responsibility of the Award. The International Award Association is a member organization that facilitates the delivery of the Award through it member countries.

Delivering the Award in China

Delivery Partners

There are two types of license:

1. Award Center License for schools

2. Open Award Center License for non-school organizations

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award-China is the organization with the sole object of managing the Award in China

Recognized Activity Provider (RAP)

Recognized Activity Provider (RAP) is a single entity who has been recognized by China NAO for their capacity to provide services around specific Award activities for Award Centres  and Open Award Centres.

There are five RAP certificates available in accordance with our five Award activities, including Voluntary Service, Skills, Physical Recreation, Adventurous Journey and Gold Residential Project.

If your organization would like to deliver the Award or become RAP, please contact National Award Office in China via operations@intawardchina.cn

Updated: 2020.03