The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award China - 

Training Workshop Calendar 2022 July updated

爱丁堡公爵国际奖中国区机构 - 2022年7月更新 - 培训工作坊计划

l Further details regarding each level is attached below for your reference.


l Deadline for the registration is 4 weeks before the training.

截至报名时间: 培训4周前。

l Training confirm date is the day after registration deadline. Operations team will send workshop workplan with further details to the confirmed delegates. Before that, please do not make trip arrangements.




1. Registration link:

2.  Please select the workshop number at this link and fill in details for registration.


3. In order to help well organize each workshop and support delegates, please be kindly noted that DofE China will be hesitated to confirm any registration happen within one month before training dates.


4. Maximum 4 seats per workshop will be granted to delegates from same organization in order to provide training resource to more needed organizations for award delivery.


5. China NAO operations team are open to schedule face to face operations support pre or post the training workshop with the host school or any award centers in the area. Please kindly  email in advance.


6. All certificates are globally recognized which provides award volunteers the opportunity of on going development with the Award globally.


7. Any query regarding training, please contact for support.


Registration Notes

Introduction of training workshops in China

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award China provides a comprehensive

training program for Award teams from any licensed Award Centres and

recommended activity providers. This training framework is designed to equip all

adults involved in supporting the International Award with the skills and knowledge

to succeed in their roles.

Introduction of Training Workshop

Please click below to download introduction of each course and fee structure

* Level 1: Online training modules

* Level 2: Training-Award Delivery Training Workshop

* Level 3: Award Management Training (AMT)

* Level 4: Training for Trainers (T4T)

* Training Fee Structure

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Updated: 2022.07