Vetting Notice for YMCE Group Co., Ltd become RAP-AJ 游美营地(北京)教育科技有限公司 成为爱丁堡公爵国际奖 推荐奖项服务提供方-户外探索 公示


游美营地(北京)教育科技有限公司成为爱丁堡公爵国际奖中国推荐奖项服务提供方-户外探索 (RAP- AJ)

根据爱丁堡公爵国际奖中国(下称: 爱奖中国)《推荐奖项服务提供方-户外探索(RAP-AJ)》规定, 经初审, 拟认定游美营地(北京)教育科技有限公司成为爱奖中国推荐奖项服务提供方-户外探索(RAP-AJ)进行公示,欢迎社会各界予以监督, 并提出意见建议. (网站:公示截止时间:2021年02月08日。






Vetting Notice:

YMCE Group Co., Ltd   becomes the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award China 

Recognized Activity Provider for Adventurous Journey (RAP-AJ)

According to the provisions of the recognized Award provider for Adventurous Journey(RAP-AJ) of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award China, after the preliminary examination, the proposed YMCE Group Co., Ltd is now publicized, and all sectors of the society are welcome to advice and put forward suggestions. (Website:

The deadline is February 08, 2021.

Contact unit: The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award China



The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award China

January 08, 2021

爱丁堡公爵国际奖中国 推荐奖项服务提供方 (RAP)

爱奖中国推荐奖项服务提供方(RAP)是指获得爱丁堡公爵国际奖中国机构认可的专业服务机构,当学校奖项执行中心(AC)或者开放奖项服务中心(OAC)有需要安排外包奖项活动项目时,RAP提供专业的奖项活动服务。奖项活动服务提供机构, 必需严格遵守爱奖中国的机构规则及安全守则.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award China Recognized Activity Provider for Physical Recreation (RAP-PR) about?

RAP is a single entity who has been recognized by DofE China for their capacity to provide the Award outsourcing services for Award Centers (ACs) and Open Award Centers (OACs)under DofE China policies and safety rules.